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The Idea Composer

Like a flight simulator, the Idea Composer simulates the first 12 months of your business. Soar like a bird and experiment with your ideas

The Secure Idea Composer for Inventors

A version of the Idea Composer for the Inventor uses bio-metrics and 256 bit encryption.

Tutors and Coaches show you the way

Watch videos, read, or consult with coaches to help you move from one step to another.

Hilosoft's Money Boot Camp

Get your basic training fast and to the point

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Hi... Welcome to our site. We are the makers of the Idea Composer. We design products especially for people thinking about starting a business.
 The Idea Composer is a business startup simulator.  It’s simple and effective. It will help you distill those fleeting business ideas floating around in your head...

We have some freebies too; calculators to help with your pricing dilemma, training videos for the basics of small business finance, but most important with the Idea Composer you will have access to our coaches. 
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Tutor Training


The Basics

The videos are hosted on a Screencast Server with special provisions for testing. If the video stops, wait at least 30 seconds and it will resume. The servers buffer differently than normal video platforms. 

Watch the video and take the test. Remember this is basic tutor training boot camp. It is the starting point for elementary business finance designed specifically for coaches and tutors to help first time entrepreneurs starting their own business..


Lesson 1: Gross Profit I - Introduction to the basics
Lesson 2: Gross Profit II - More about Fixed and Variable Costs and the Break-Even equation.
Lesson 3: Budget and Fixed Costs  (fundamentals on budgeting and fixed costs)
Lesson 4: Sales Forecasting -  How to forecast sales
Lesson 5: Recurring Revenue Calculator (for use with the Idea Composer)



Access to the IcEasy


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