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The Idea Composer

Like a flight simulator, the Idea Composer simulates the first 12 months of your business. Soar like a bird and experiment with your ideas

The Secure Idea Composer for Inventors

A version of the Idea Composer for the Inventor uses bio-metrics and 256 bit encryption.

Tutors and Coaches show you the way

Watch videos, read, or consult with coaches to help you move from one step to another.

Hilosoft's Money Boot Camp

Get your basic training fast and to the point

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Hi... Welcome to our site. We are the makers of the Idea Composer. We design products especially for people thinking about starting a business.
 The Idea Composer is a business startup simulator.  It’s simple and effective. It will help you distill those fleeting business ideas floating around in your head...

We have some freebies too; calculators to help with your pricing dilemma, training videos for the basics of small business finance, but most important with the Idea Composer you will have access to our coaches. 
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  Idea Composer
download to your PC

For Windows Operating Systems



Idea Composer - Flash

pre-loaded and installed on a 4 GByte Flash Drive
Requires USB connection with the Windows Operating System

  Idea Composer-S

The Bio-Metric version of the Idea Composer for Inventors with extra security 256 Bit Encryption. Use your fingers and password to keep your files safe. Take your files and program with you.
Requires USB connection with the Windows Operating System


  Hilosoft CoachWorks 

Get the best training possible with Hilosoft CoachWorks. Our Tutors will have you up and on your way with your project in a matter of minutes. Get one of our Certified Hilosoft Coaches to get you started!
Each Time Block is about an hour. Requires remote screen viewing with a broadband connection. Requires the user to own an Idea Composer
per session block

  Business Planning Package

Includes the Idea Composer download and 1 session of Coach Works to get you started



The Idea Composer and Idea Composer-S have a 30-day money back guarantee.  We love happy customers.

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