Business Planning Package

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Hilosoft's Business Planning Package - What's included?

The Idea Composer - A business Idea Simulator. It's like a business plan program, but leaner and very fast. 

Coach Works - One on one tutors to get you up to speed fast! Also for learning the latest in Startups, Opportunities, Equity Crowdfunding and getting what you need to start your company.

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The Idea Composer

Like a flight simulator, the Idea Composer simulates the first 12 months of your business. Soar like a bird and experiment with your ideas

The Secure Idea Composer for Inventors

A version of the Idea Composer for the Inventor uses bio-metrics and 256 bit encryption.

Tutors and Coaches show you the way

Watch videos, read, or consult with coaches to help you move from one step to another.

Hilosoft's Money Boot Camp

Get your basic training fast and to the point

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Hi... Welcome to our site. We are the makers of the Idea Composer. We design products especially for people thinking about starting a business.
 The Idea Composer is a business startup simulator.  It’s simple and effective. It will help you distill those fleeting business ideas floating around in your head...

We have some freebies too; calculators to help with your pricing dilemma, training videos for the basics of small business finance, but most important with the Idea Composer you will have access to our coaches. 
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Business Planning Package for $150


 Sign up and download the Idea Composer

Got an idea? Test it quickly using the Idea Composer. Even if you've never been in business before, the Idea Composer will help you put together the necessary information,  fast!  This is a comprehensive business simulator, you will be flying with a plan that makes sense before you know it.

 Work with a Coach from Hilosoft's Coach Works

Not sure about your market, how to price your products or services? We have plenty of step by step guides and one on one training to get you moving in the right direction. All included in the Business Planning Package.  Over 1 hour of one on one training specific to your needs in getting started with your company's plan or idea.

 Train and Test with the Money Boot Camp

Don't have time for the classroom? Get the business basics in short, intense video sessions.  Use the library to brush up on your skills anytime, especially useful before that important meeting.

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What ever you do, don't start a business without the Idea Composer. Your first step to good planning.  
Once you've signed up, step by step instructions will get you started.   
Sorry, the Mac version of the Idea Composer is not ready although we are working on it.  

We do not share your information or email with anyone... see our privacy policy

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