Bio-Metric Idea Composer

A version designed for security

The Idea Composer - S for Inventors

The S version of the Idea Composer is loaded onto a Bio-Metric flash drive. The files are secure from tampering and are not connected to the Internet. For added security, the saved files are encrypted using  256 bit hardware AES technology. 

The Idea Composer program and the saved files are stored within the flash drive. There are no files left on the computer when the drive is disconnected.


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The Idea Composer

Like a flight simulator, the Idea Composer simulates the first 12 months of your business. Soar like a bird and experiment with your ideas

The Secure Idea Composer for Inventors

A version of the Idea Composer for the Inventor uses bio-metrics and 256 bit encryption.

Tutors and Coaches show you the way

Watch videos, read, or consult with coaches to help you move from one step to another.

Hilosoft's Money Boot Camp

Get your basic training fast and to the point

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Hi... Welcome to our site. We are the makers of the Idea Composer. We design products especially for people thinking about starting a business.
 The Idea Composer is a business startup simulator.  It’s simple and effective. It will help you distill those fleeting business ideas floating around in your head...

We have some freebies too; calculators to help with your pricing dilemma, training videos for the basics of small business finance, but most important with the Idea Composer you will have access to our coaches. 
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Idea Composer Bio-Metrics

The Idea Composer-S is for inventors

Anyone dealing with intellectual property should take extra care in keeping vital information safe from prying eyes. The Idea Composer-S keeps data locked behind your fingerprint and 256 bit password encryption.  The Idea Composer and files travel with you. The program is completely self-contained within the bio-metric flash drive. All you need to do is scan your fingerprint or enter your password (you can set it up for both) and you are ready to work with the Idea Composer and your associated files.

Hilosoft uses the Transcend Jetflash technology to mount the Idea Composer securely onto the flash drive. The drive is partitioned, tested and a temporary password is applied at our New Mexico factory. Once received by the customer, the setup takes about 5 minutes. There are complete video and written instructions provided within the drive.

Setup is fast and easy


The setup allows the user to select a finger to register for fingerprint ID and may use a separate password for access. Instructions are simple and straight forward.

All drives are factory set and ready to use.


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