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The Idea Composer

Like a flight simulator, the Idea Composer simulates the first 12 months of your business. Soar like a bird and experiment with your ideas

The Secure Idea Composer for Inventors

A version of the Idea Composer for the Inventor uses bio-metrics and 256 bit encryption.

Tutors and Coaches show you the way

Watch videos, read, or consult with coaches to help you move from one step to another.

Hilosoft's Money Boot Camp

Get your basic training fast and to the point

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Hi... Welcome to our site. We are the makers of the Idea Composer. We design products especially for people thinking about starting a business.
 The Idea Composer is a business startup simulator.  It’s simple and effective. It will help you distill those fleeting business ideas floating around in your head...

We have some freebies too; calculators to help with your pricing dilemma, training videos for the basics of small business finance, but most important with the Idea Composer you will have access to our coaches. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to get my idea into the program?
  2. I'm worried about disclosing my idea. How can I protect it... ?
  3. Where can I get more training?
  4. Can I use the output report as a business plan?
  5. How does the Idea Composer rate my idea?
  6. Can I use the Idea Composer on my Mac?

How long will it take to get my idea into the program?

  • The Idea Composer is a modeling program. You will get answers almost immediately, but refinement comes with adding new information as you get it, then making new assumptions by trying out a different set of circumstances such as a new price, higher overhead or budget, more employees, a raise - etc.

How do I protect my idea?

  • At some point you may want to patent the idea. In the meantime be very careful to whom you disclose your concept details. The Idea Composer provides a built-in log and serialization method that tracks any and all reports of your idea to other parties. You can also keep track of any Non-Disclosure Agreements within the log.

Where can I get more training

  • With the Idea Composer comes the optional Coach Works Program. Coaches  are trained specialists in using the Idea Composer and experts in advising clients on how Idea Composer data applies to their specific business concepts. There are also training courses and video instruction for important subjects related to starting a new business. We provide a basic training series called the Money Boot Camp. This service is provided free to our members and customers. You can sign up on the
    Resources -->Training

Can I use the Idea Composer report as a business plan ?

  • Yes, the Idea Composer includes a Executive Summary report as well as a more extensive output report. A true business plan includes pro-forma profit and loss, balance sheets and other traditional accounting reports not needed by the Idea Composer for modeling and business simulation. The elimination of superfluous reports saves a great deal of time by concentrating on the main theme of the idea and the true costs associated with it. However, should you decide to use a full business plan for purposes of venture funding, the Idea Composer information will speed up the formal plan process considerably. The Idea Composer should be your first step with any comprehensive business plan.
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How does the Idea Composer rate my idea?

  • The program looks for obvious flaws in the process through a series of algorithms. Optionally, the Coach Works will add to the rating through vetting by the coaches and other specialized procedures conducted by the Hilosoft staff.

Can I use my Mac?

  • The Idea Composer is a Windows-based program. You will need to use an emulation program like Apple's Boot Camp or other available programs that allow Windows programs to run on the Apple  OS operating system. A copy of the Windows operating system is also required.


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